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How to Host a Rapunzel Party


Ever since we posted about Attalie’s Rapunzel Birthday Party last year, we’ve been caught up in a bit of a Tangled whirlwind. When I was planning the party in December 2010, the movie was brand new and there weren’t a lot of ideas out there. So Aimée and I let our brainstorm run wild and…

Labels for the Rapunzel Invites

Tangled Birthday Invites Addressed and Ready!

After posting the tutorial on how to make our Tangled Tower Birthday Party Invitations last week, we received several requests for a template of the yellow labels used on the envelopes. So here is a printable envelope label template with lines where you can fill in your own “to” and “from” info. We also now…

Frozen Birthday Party Ideas

Frozen Birthday Cake Ideas at #frozen

Okay, I’m not sure, but I think this might be the LONGEST post in the world…. so be warned. When we shared our Tangled Birthday Party we broke it into several posts, but we found that a lot of people who arrived at our posts from the archives or Pinterest missed some of the ideas…

Easy Tangled Party Invites

Easy Tangled Birthday Party Invitations

I promise we’ll be getting back to St. Patrick’s Day stuff later this week, but I’ve had these new Rapunzel Birthday Party Invitations sitting on my desk for a couple months now and finally got around to photographing them. I know we already showed you our super-cool Tangled Tower Invitation, and we still love that…

New ‘Tangled’ Short Opens in Theaters

Tangled Ever After Movie Poster

If you’ve been around here much, you probably know we’re fans of the movie Tangled. So I was pretty excited to hear about the new Tangled Ever After, a short sequel that will debut in theaters today before the 3-D re-release of Beauty & the Beast. The trailer below definitely got me in the mood…


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